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The Area The Area

The Area

What could be a more interesting experience than exploring the wonderful landscapes and villages, the magnificent beaches, the verdant rolling hills with breathtaking views, the castles and lakes, and finding your place in paradise. The land, the house of your dreams. Attachments: PetalidiZtoZKoroniZ-ZEnglish FinikoundaZMethoniZ-ZynglishGermanZandZGreek

Traditions Traditions


The people of Messinia, along with contemporary activities, maintain a reverence towards their traditions and customs in the form of local festivals and fairs in monasteries and churches from side to side of the county to the other. Additionally, during the summer months visitors can witness many village festivals and celebrations in honour of local […]

Castles Castles


The castles of Messinia are an important cultural chapter. Built primarily to serve defensive purposes, they are located in remarkable sites around the county. Most were built by the Franks in locations previously used by the ancient Greeks and Byzantines. In their wake the Venetians repaired, enhanced and maintained them for defense reasons. Today the […]

Ancient monuments Ancient monuments

Ancient monuments

In Messinia one walks side by side with history. In the fertile valleys and hills, embraced in a magical way by nature, ancient monuments, standing priceless and impressive, recounting moments of antiquity.

Beaches of Messinia Beaches of Messinia

Beaches of Messinia

Undoubtedly Messinia must be one of the few places in Greece that has such a wide variety and choice of beautiful beaches for enjoyable swimming. From the endless beaches of Finikounda and the smaller but equally attractive beach of Methoni, all the way round the coast to the pristine clean beaches of the Mani, the […]

Environment Environment


Gialova Wetlands: Paradise where angels take the form of Flamingos. The wetlands of Gialova (Divari) are of particular ecological interest as a major stopover point for many migratory birds. Many rare species of birds such as herons and flamingos, ospreys, stilts, avocets, calidris, snipe, curlew, tartaric, terns, and the only chameleon found in Europe. The […]

Messinia Messinia


At the edge of the Peloponnese, where the last piece of rock touches the Ionian sea from the secret paths of water, come the whispers of the great sea the Greek Nobel prize winner, Odysseas Elitis, the poet of light… Welcome to Messinia, the place Pausanias called Delightful land; land of hospitality, fruit, and light. […]