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Gialova Wetlands: Paradise where angels take the form of Flamingos. The wetlands of Gialova (Divari) are of particular ecological interest as a major stopover point for many migratory birds. Many rare species of birds such as herons and flamingos, ospreys, stilts, avocets, calidris, snipe, curlew, tartaric, terns, and the only chameleon found in Europe. The […]

Messinia Messinia


At the edge of the Peloponnese, where the last piece of rock touches the Ionian sea from the secret paths of water, come the whispers of the great sea the Greek Nobel prize winner, Odysseas Elitis, the poet of light… Welcome to Messinia, the place Pausanias called Delightful land; land of hospitality, fruit, and light. […]